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Ganga, sacred indian river, ifficially starts in a small city in 80 km from Rishikesh. Just at that spot two rivers - Bhagirathi and Alaknanda - form Ganga. Bhagirathi comes from icy cave Goumukh and Alaknanda - from Rudraprayag, where it is formed by two other rivers - Mandakini and Mahaalaknanda. Mandakini comes from Kedarnath, Mahaalaknanda - from Badrinath.

Left feeder is Bhagirathi, right - Alaknanda. Direct your attention to the difference in a color of these two rvers. Bhagirathi is more fast so its color is darker. Upper picture was taken in winter (2004), lower - in summer (2006). The last picture here - Ganga view from the temple.


Temple is placed on the confluence of rivers. It looks beautiful both at daytime and nighttime. You can take a dip in Ganga herу but it can be quite dangerous - stream is very fast, you need to hold guard-rails very strong.


The city itself, Devprayag, is a typical mountain settlement. It is little bit like a maze. You can find 2 hotels in Devprayag. One so called "Guest house" is on Bhagirathi side of a city, another - in the central part of a city in the mountains. The way from second hotel to Ganga takes 40 minutes.

Locals say that temple which you can see ot the first picture on the right side in the corner, was build 10 thousands (!) years ago.


Devprayag is a city at a height of 500-700 meters above the sea level. It is very hot there in the summer and ratherish cold in winter. In winter it is almost impossible to take a dip - water is icecold.

Of all the places in Himalayas Devprayag is the most easy to visit. From New Delhi you can go to Rishikesh or Haridwar with no problem. From Rishikesh each half an hour buses are going to Badrinath, Kedarnath or Rudraprayag they all make a stop in Devprayag. The road will take 3 hours (70 km of a mountain road).

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